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With China becoming one of the pillars in global shipbuilding industry, hundreds of Newbuilding orders are placed at Chinese shipyards each year. HIT Marine provides Newbuilding brokerage services for shipowners who wish to embark on their journeys with building vessles in China. Over the past two decades, HIT Marine has successfully concluded 100+ Newbuildings in various segments, including Bulk Carriers, Feeder Containerships, Multi-Purpose Vessels, Crude and Product Tankers as well as Offshore vessels.



Chinese Leasing Houses have been playing an increasingly significant role in global ship finance market over the past decade. By end of 2022, shipping portfolio in US Dollars owned by 20+ Chinese Leasing Houses have exceeded $100 Billion. Serving as an experienced Financial Advisor, HIT Marine guides shipowners who wish to structure financial lease and/or operating lease on their transactions with Chinese Leasing Houses from the very beginning by identifying the right counterpart and facilitating termsheet negotiation and contract signing.



Having witnessed an increasing amount of interests in shipping investment from private and institutional investors  originated from China and Southeast Asia and leveraged on its sophisticated analysis and understanding in shipping cycles,  HIT Marine offers sale and purchase brokerage services along with assessments in ship investment opportunities for private and institutional investors, arranges equity mainly for promising tanker and bulker projects, and makes capital contributions to selective projects through its ship investment vehicles. 




Established in 2001 by Dr. Li Sheng, HIT Marine is a boutique shipbroking firm specialized in providing Newbuilding Brokerage and Financial Advisory services covering both debt and equity.


Headquartered in Shanghai with branch office in Singapore, HIT Marine is rooted in Asia, however carries out its business and services with an international approach. Its high-calibre team brings a wealth of shipping experience to clients worldwide.


CNPC Vs Clarksea.jpg

ClarkSea Vs. China Newbuilidng Price Index (CNPI) 

Published by Clarksons, ClarkSea Index measures average earnings accross all vessel sectors. In August 2016, ClarkSea Indext touched bottom since 1990 with average earnings accross all vessel sectors dipping to USD 7,364 per day. China Newbuilding Price Index (CNPI), assessed and compliled by a panel consisting of 21 international and local broker houses primarily focused on China's Newbuilding market, also reached its historical low around that period of time. 

CNPI is reaching its highs after stepping into 2024 resulted from increasing shipbuilding activities. ClarkSea Index is also at its 10 years summit thanks to particularly strong earnings in Tankers, Dry Bulk and LNG sectors. 

Growth of China Leasing Lenders Shipping Portfolio (2017-2022)

The total shipping portfolio owned by Chinese leasing companies exceeded USD 100 Billion by the end of 2022. This is the sixth year in consecutive that Chinese lenders' shipping portforlio realized astonishing growth.

Top 10 Chinese Leasing Houses by Shipping Portfolio (as end of 2022)

ICBC Financial Leasing  remains on the top of the list as of the end of 2022 (including offshore portfolio) with total shipping related assets exceeding USD 15 Billions. COSCO Leasing, AVIC Lesing and CSSC Leasing are the three non-bank related leasing houses that have made into the Top 10 list.  Other newcomers i.e. Huaxia Financial Leasing, CEB Financial Leasing, etc. have been developing repidly over the past years, albeit not among the top 10 yet.

CNPI Monthly Report.jpg

China Shipbuilding Monthly Report

Throughout year 2023, The China Newbuilding Price Index (CNPI) rose from 1,017 points to 1,066 points, up 4.8% year-on-year, as the valuation on 16 benchmark ship types continued to appreciate across the board. The dry bulk carrier composite index (CNDPI) rose 5% year-on-year to 1,079 points, the oil tanker composite index (CNTPI) rose 7.3% year-on-year to 1,183 points, and the containership composite index (CNCPI) rose 3.5% year-on-year to 1,078 points.

HIT Maine is a panel broker of CNPI. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it take to complete ship financing transactions with Chinese Leasing Houses?

Answer: It typically takes 2-3 months to complete sale and leaseback transactions with Chinese Leasing Houses, includng 1-2 week termsheet negotiations, 3-4 weeks Due Diligence Check & Credit Approval and 2-4 weeks Contract Negotiations & Signings, which then lead to the final closing and drawdown. That said, the lead time could also be longer or shorter largely depending on the complexity of the finanacing project, and sometimes how soon does the Lesee need the financing to be in place.



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